SAT Information & Resources

SAT Information and Resources

Beginning in April, all Michigan high school juniors will take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as part of the required state assessments.  ACT will no longer be required.  In this article there are several different informational handouts and links about the new SAT and how to prepare for this assessment.

SAT Handouts

SAT Smartphone Apps

The College Board (creators of the SAT) have also released smartphone apps that are designed to help students prepare for these tests.

  • SAT Question of the Day

    Designed to give daily tips and lessons to test takers.  This app also includes SAT practice resources and tips.

  • SAT Daily Practice

    Designed to give SAT questions and answer walkthroughs.    This app also includes interactive scoring that allows users to receive instant feedback.

2016 SAT and M-STEP Assessment Schedule