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Welcome to

Forest Area Community Schools

We are located in beautiful northern Michigan, approximately 35 minutes southeast of Traverse City, MI.


Construction Continues Our extensive renovations and additions at both campuses continue to move in a positive direction. Unfortunately, we experienced a number of delays during the construction process this summer so these projects have moved into our 2019 – 2020 school year. The new, secure entrance at Fife Lake Elementary will be completed very soon. The entrance to the MS/HS campus is not completed so folks will again be asked to use the central office entrance to begin the school year. Rest assured, we are working collaboratively with Eckler Building Solutions to finalize projects as quickly as possible. Please continue to be patient as we finish up the many projects to our campuses. Questions may be directed to our central office at (231) 369 – 4191.




Forest Area’s mission is to provide a nurturing educational environment, which will help our students form positive attitudes toward learning, and help build effective life skills.

About Forest Area Schools

Our district consists of two separate campuses located a few minutes apart. We provide full time bussing for student pickup and drop off each school day.

Fife Lake Elementary is located 108 Pierce Street in beautiful Fife Lake, MI. Our elementary school includes preschool thru 3rd grade students.

Our Middle and High School campus includes 4th thru 12th grade students and is located at 7661 Shippy Road in Fife Lake, MI.


The Forest Area Community Schools website is currently being corrected to comply with both Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you see anything on this site that does not comply with either Act please notify us immediately so we can correct the problem.